Improve your results

How Guideline International can help you improve your results

In all cases, Guideline International will conduct an analysis of your key strategic issues. We have created a practical and reliable approach to uncover the main obstacles that stand in the way of your desired performance, and to guide you to overcome these.

Improve your results
Improve your results

Guideline International’s unique approach includes:

  • Assisting your senior leadership with international strategic projects.
  • Coaching your senior management teams in strategy definition and execution.
  • Developing and implementing your people alignment planning, for instance in Training and Development, Competency Management, Career Development and Succession Planning.
  • Designing, developing and delivering your targeted leadership and management training programmes and workshops on diverse subjects, such as:
    • Communication skills (Designing a communication plan, public speaking, …)
    • Negotiation and Mediation skills
    • Leading International Teams (intact, remote or virtual, processes, metrics, …)
    • People management (performance, motivation, coaching, …)
    • Dealing with the Customer (internal, external, Sales Techniques, …)
  • Integrating and aligning the various cultures company cultures (national and international) in M&A’s.
  • Guiding your Leadership Teams’ strategic retreat. Step back, take a little distance from the daily realities and challenges, put them in the right perspective, regroup, determine your strategy for the next period, translate it into implementable action steps and go. (Also see the tab “Partners”.)