Guideline International’s Origins

Guideline International was founded by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos, who has spent years working with multinationals, and has developed a unique method of guiding companies aligning their teams and employees to, on the one hand, their overall strategy, and to the achievement of their organisational goals on the other.

After serving in the Dutch Royal Parachute Commandos, he studied Astronomy and Computer Technology at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands.

On holiday in South Africa, he saw an opportunity, and spent the next 8 years developing his business acumen and cultural awareness in the southern African tourism industry.

This led the European Performance Institute, a management consultancy active in over 22 countries worldwide, to recruit him, and to use his business insights, as well as his analytical mind and his cultural and linguistic skills, to assisting multinational companies in streamlining their processes and systems. As project manager, Alexander was charged with leading changes in those companies aimed at increasing the economic value added, reducing operational costs and improving profitability.

He led successful projects with companies in Belgium, Switzerland, the United States, France, The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Later, after spending three years focusing almost exclusively on the people development, with Dale Carnegie and Associates, he started combining his experiences by taking on operational interim positions with various companies.

At the same time, eager to share his experience with business professionals facing challenges similar to those he had encountered, Alexander established Guideline International.