Working with us

Working with Guideline International

By enlisting Guideline International and its specialists, many companies have been able to achieve increased measurable financial results through the development of their people and their performance. For instance, companies were able to:

  • Align the people with the company values, the mission, vision and strategy – “Our people know and understand what has to be done, and why”.
  • Develop and train leaders to stimulate their teams to achieve the goals – “Our people are willing to do what has to be done”.
  • Target the specific people competencies necessary to achieve the desired objectives – “Our people are able to do what has to be done”.
  • Enhance the people performance, thus the business performance and thus the business results.
  • Improve their adaptability to the changing world: develop that unique combination of their people’s flexibility (their willingness to adapt, which requires the right attitude, the right culture and the right environment), and versatility (their ability to adapt, which requires the right competencies, the right tools and the right leadership).
Working with us

Companies that we have worked with cover a wide spectrum of industries: pharmaceutical (Aventis, GSK, etc.), Food & FMCG (Interbrew/Inbev, Gate Gourmet, Coca-Cola, etc.), industrial goods companies (Despec, Melexis, PTPM, etc.), aeronautical (ATR, AOM/Airlib, Aérospatiale Matra MS&I, etc.) as well as financial institutions and service companies (KPMG, KBC bank, etc).